Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Cafetiere Beer

Hi all,

Newly returned from Azerbaijan, really starting to get into that place. Nice people, really nice people. On my return to home a brand new brewing book was waiting for me  Absolutely fantastic book and i can see it will have to be multiple read throughs before i absorb 1/4 of the ideas in there.
Here's a link to the book if you haven't read it yet. 
While reading the first couple of chapters an idea leapt fully formed and vigorous into my upper mind. 'Dry Hopping in a Cafetiere, why not?'. Must mean my subconcious is also a Hop Head! Once the sun went down the experiment commenced! :)
 As you can see, full experiment mode, lots of glass, scales, bag of Hops.

10 grmms of Columbus high aa hops & a one pint cafitere, a match made in nirvana i think?

A couple of bottles of nice Hop Synergy 44, one to clear the palate and fix a base line, the other for the cafetiere.

Love this photo, that's a proper beer!

Deployed cafetiere strainer, First infusion was for 10 minutes only but immediately i could taste the difference. Piney, sweet, viscous hop oil & pepper across the tongue. Really nice, a bigger bolder beer for seconds work!

 So nice i fact that i tried a second one with another few grammes (getting casual now) of Columbus on top of the initial 10 grmms. Applied another bottle of beer and let it soak for 1/2 an hour in the fridge before deploying strainer. WOW, hop bursts going off in my head. Absolutely full on resinous, piney, sweet layer of hop aroma/taste blazing across the malt layer. Beautiful beautiful beer!

Any of you out there who see themselves as a bit of a hop-head have GOT to try this. I'm claiming this one for Scotland, Universities, tyres, tv, tarmacadam, men wearing skirts, we invented the lot. Now Cafetiere Beer and you saw it here first, Scotland rocks, spread the news! Any feedback on how you get on with your own experiments much appreciated, i can only begin to imagine the possible combinations! Cheers :)

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  1. I've just started homebrewing today and was picking up some stuff to help with it. The Legendary B&M had a great cafetiere in the clearance for 2 quid. Thought it would be handy for brewing, maybe for using water that's had oats soaking in it or anything else that I fancy experimenting with. I had the same idea as you when I saw Dogfish Head do a beer infuser. I.thought a cafetiere would do similarly. Must try this soon. Might be good to test potential impact certain hops have on basic styles to make them more than basic.

    1. You CANNOT go wrong at £2 for a mainlne hop surge device, well found Sir and good luck with your experimentation
      ! :)