Thursday, 23 October 2014

5 pm Saviour & HopThang Mk II

Hi all,
I have decided to try out a high mash temp average hop (for me) pale ale at low abv as the holy grail for me would be a full on IPA taste experience but at low abv so it can be an ongoing evening thing and nothing to pay the next day!
The recipe for the beer is as follows
5 pm Saviour
14kg maris otter malt mashed in at strike temp of 82 degrees to settle at 71 for those residual long chain sugars.
1 oz Chinook Mash Hop
3.5 oz Magnum 90 min boil hop
10.5 oz Chinook 120 min steep aroma hop
7 oz Simcoe 120 min steep aroma hop
3.5 oz Pacific Gem (seriously under rated hop) 120 min steep aroma hop
Yeast WLP032 & US-05 combo
20 Imp gallon batch with a SG of 1.042 & FG of 1.012 diluted down to a final abv of 3.5% and an IBU of 40. A most normal but hopefully tasty beverage!
Once this was complete i swung into action with my Mk II version of HopThang. Basically it is a slightly larger model to hold more hop and the hole volume in the screen has been increased by approx 50% to achieve a quicker through put and less to zero backpressure on the pump. The inaugural hop ran through was a 1.75 oz shot of Amarillo. See pics & video below. I advise you to mute video as pump is hellish noisy!


I am off to Saudi for a month so the Amarillo will stew in Hopthang MkII at 10 degs or less for the full thirty and then have a replenishment and run before bottlling. The initial volume will be caught and checked for vegative presence before being added or discarded to the main batch, another plus of a HopThang for the time distant brewer! I was pleasantly surprised to see demonvalleybrewing have went the HopThang route and for all the right reasons, best of luck to them! :)
Thanks, until next time.

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