Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hop Synergy 4.4 tasting & amplification!

Hi all,

Happy New year to you all and all the best to your families. I have just returned from Azerbaijhan, a mere 5 days ago. One of my priorities on return was the bottling of Hop Synergy 4.0. Hop Synergy 4.0 became 4.4 as the FG of the beer bottomed out at a lowish 1.006 giving me a final abv of 4.4%.

I had a couple of samples while bottling and it was tasting good

So good that i had to try a prescreening after 2 days carb'ing!

Its a bit cloudy, a bit new but it does have stonking amounts of toffee(thanks to kettle first running caramelisation) and tropical fruit in large amounts matched by a big bitterness. I felt as if i knew this beer and had been here before (Realised at the second sample bottle that it reminds me of Deuchars IPA). Quite palatable and it will only improve with time. :)
Do any of you guys know Randy Moshers Radical Brewing book? In the fruit beer section he says that its pretty pointless to try a peach beer as it gives very little to the beer. I like a challenge and i was growing bored with bottling 4.4 so i decided to boost up a 5 gallon glass with peaches and plain old nasty sucrose thus negating the bottling process for a while!

I liquidised eight tins of peaches and a kilo of sugar and had a really cool colour result.

Which only improved once i started the beer transfer.

Final cool layer shots


I have kept the Burton & US-05 yeast kicking out at 22 degrees(rising on day three to 24) and they have been very active indeed. Blow off tube required and much frothing. I look forward to trying this beer as it may only be a fast and rough conversion of a 4.4% quaffable beer to a 7.3% headbanger BUT it has a damn good chance of being gorgeous what with its heavy hop base, caramelised toffee background and stressed yeast side flavours, oh aye and the peaches. See you Randy Mosher? Cheers :)


After three days of frantic fermentation i came down this morning (26th Jan) to a settling beer with most of the peaches on the bottom of the FV and a very restrained finishing gas release. I transfered the beer off of the peach remains into a 4 gallon container and binned the remains. Fruity and cidery(from the table sugar i think) with a hint of sulphur is the smell at the moment. I added 3/4 ounce or so of Columbus Dry hops in a weighted bag and it will stay there for the two weeks i am in Turkey doing diy at the apartment. I really love taking a portion of the main batch and messing with it, i learn and diversify nicely. Cheers :)

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  1. First bottle cracked open, this one is heftily hopped, bitterness a bit on the raw side which will no doubt smooth with age. Bags of flavour and surprising amount of body to say it finished at 1006.
    Quite a Mango/Mellon/Grapefruit nose to it.
    Should I be drinking these in any order?
    Cheers :)

  2. Glad you are enjoying them Ade! Did i put in 1 or 2 Hop Synergy? If there is one left i'd leave it a while! The Xmas beer will need the full year as the one i tried when new was frankly horrendous! Quad B 4 & 5 scream out for back to backing. I was surprised at Hop synergy malt background as its a single malt with kettle caramelisation only. I sincerely hope you enjoy the rest. Oh aye, Steam Punk Mk1 is insane for flavour, honestly off the scale! ;) Wild Cherry & the IRS are a good representaion for the ageing arguement. Cheers!