Thursday, 28 March 2013

Cafetiere Beer II

Hi all,
Thanks for all the views you guys have been making, a couple of hundred over the past day or so! Did you all try your own version of Cafetiere Beer? I hope so! One of the viewers mentioned that i had made a good decarbonation device. This hadn't really registered as an issue as we have a culture in the UK of Non carbonated ales. The rest of the world likes a bit of gas in their brew.
In the search for further meaning and use of Cafetiere beer i tried the following.
The cafeteire has sat in this state in a fridge for approx 10 hours. Its flat Hop Synergy 44 beer with honking amounts of surpressed cold hop goodness.

 A quick press of the plunger and a bit of a head has popped up, not long to last i would think.

I decanted into a 2 pint jug and as you can see the head collapsed.
I then added a chilled Hop Synergy 44 on a bit of a waterfall pour.I had a nice jug of carbonated mega hopped IPA which was dutifully poured.
The head remained for 4/5ths of the wheat beer glass and i haven't been belching so its about where i like my carbonation to be. Aesthetically pleasing while not being a lager!
The hops used this time are the same from last night, i don't mean the same Genus i mean the same hops flowers! A much mellower hop aroma this time, very sweet, blackcurrant, and a touch of green. Again, its a simple way to get to that Hop Head well loved dry hopped flavour/texture into a beer. I'd be happy for anyone to try these bad boys, no risk of embarassment, these rock! :) Thanks for reading.

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