Friday, 13 January 2012

HopThang bleach/water only test run

Hi All and a Happy New Year to you. I returned home a couple of days ago and decided to prioritise the work list. Firstly and most importantly, hooking up HopThang for a leak test.This picture is initial fill up, A mixture of hot water and thin bleach being used.

The arrangment is that beer will be drawn by the Speck mag coupled pump from the racking point on the conical. It is the pumped through the red handled valve (flow control) into the filter housing and down to the bottom of the filter housing.

The beer will then pass through the hops (but sadly not today) and up through the drilled screen.

Once through the drilled screen and hopefully picking up some hop influence and leaving behind some yeast the beer will exit the filter housing and return to the conical through a return pipe.

The pipe crosses over to a stainless tube and ends at the 20 ltr mark inside the conical. My minimal brew length these days is 10 Imperial gallons so we will have no oxygenation due to splashing.

The flow of water is quite something to behold. I expect to be able to circulate at least 1 GPM. The pump will do 5 GPM but i don't think i will run it at that rate in case of sticky accidents!

I am looking forward to brewing my New Zealand(thanks George) influenced IPA next week. HopThang will be used at the end of that fermentation. :)


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  1. This is going to be a really interesting experiment, I'll be watching with excitement.