Saturday, 26 March 2011

Escape Trajectory

Hello to you all,

I am currently offshore in Saudi Arabia. I have been here for just under a month. We had a couple of nights onshore before coming out to the job. As i'm sure you know, there is no beer in Saudi Arabia. With this in mind its coffee, tea, doughnuts and big walks all round (no hangover so there is a bonus)!  Really enjoyed getting out and about in Dammam. It gave me the chance to see THE most ostentatious shop i have ever seen. It's a furniture shop in the Al Khobar district of Dammam. It had silver chesterfields, huge chandeliers, great big purple sculptures, everything was HUGE and totally over the top! Nonetheless, the shop entertained me and pulled back the curtain slightly on how a mega millionaire would furnish their home, so i'll give them a link! There is also a picture of my current work platform. Its the big ship in the middle!


As expected there's not much beer related shenanigans to be had in SA so i have fallen back to online research for my next brew. There seems to be a lot of online excitement about the hop Citra. I had a search around (isn't Google just great) liked what i read and bought some. When i say 'some' i really mean 1.5kgs of various hops! Citra,Simco,Amarillo,Cascade. As you can see my American style IPA jag has not yet run its course!

In addition i also bought a split 25kg sack of crushed wheat and Munich malt to keep the body and head where they should be for the next few brews. I bought from a new supplier (new to me). Their prices are good and hopefully the quality will match.Excellent hops stock also grain and a good basic yeast selection. No extraneous stuff which would drive the prices up. Just my sort of place! Link below if you are looking to restock.


Reports from home say that Oceania IPA is the best beer i have ever made! My wife and son are my tasters when i am away (its a hard job but they soldier on)! I respect their judgement so i am REALLY looking forward to arriving home next Friday to try it for myself. I will update the blog with some pictures and taste notes once i've tried it.

The blog passed the 3,000 view point this month. This is a big deal to me as i really enjoy writing this and a large part of that enjoyment comes from the idea that you guys 'n' gals have a bit of entertainment and hopefully learn something new or trigger a thought process or two from something you read here.
 That's one part of it.
The second part is where you are all from. This month the blog had views from UAE, it also had views from Israel. Views from Japan (hope you guys got a much needed laugh), Lithuania, Argentina, USA, Belgium (i'm embarassed, don't shout at me, i know i'm not worthy), Germany, Azerbaijan, Chile, Great Britain, Russia, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Norway, India, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Finland, Singapore, Malaysia. Nothing from China which is surprising! Maybe All Grain hasn't taken off there yet? I'm sure the chairman liked beer!
Basically, you guys 'n' gals are EVERYWHERE and i'd like to say a huge thank you to you all for taking the time out of your lives to read the blog. Any suggestions for the next beer name to reflect the world audience? Unsurprisingly its going to be an IPA. All we need is a name!

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