Thursday, 24 February 2011

Oceania IPA, the aftermath. Or, how much do you recycle?

I finished bottling the Oceania(formely Devacpactastic) IPA this morning. Continued my theme of using honey as priming sugar and stayed at 2.8 carb volumes. Ended up with somewhere in the region of 120 bottles. Didn't do a final count as no real need to. I'll be alright for a beer for a while and that's all i really need to know!

Once bottling was completed i decided to have a look in the FV.

Never liking to miss a trick, i immediately spotted the chance to knock down the costs on my next brew.The FV was drained of its final 1.25 ltrs of beer and yeast. The dry hops were removed at the same time.

I gave the beer/yeast a half hour to settle out the heavier debris then transfered a ltr to a flask. Pictures below of the heavy debris.

The yeast flask is continuing to settle and will be decanted again later today before i take 2 samples for next brews.

The aroma coming off of the dry hops is sensational. There's no way i am going to throw them out so i transfered them to plastic tubs. They are now in the freezer and will be used as 5 minute aroma/slight bitterness hops in my next brew. The only disadvantage to doing this is that the freezing process bursts the hop cell walls and as a result the hops disintegrate in the kettle. If you use a decent amount of whole hops during boil and have a good kettle filter this does not become a problem.

Cost saved for next brew

Yeast X 3 of 11.5grmm = £5.55
Hops X 8oz = £6.40
Total not spent on next brew = £11.95

So there we have it,  a way to save almost 12 pounds Sterling on the next brew before i've even started on the recipe. Hope you guys get something out of this. Cheers. :)

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