Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Satan's Circus Trial

 What a surprise Satan's Circus has turned out to be. It has a huge sweet malt backbone, also a lightly catty nose involved with the sweetness of the malt. The cat disappeared quickly as the carbonation vented off and is replaced with tropical fruits on the malt. Almost crackling on the tongue with citrus fruit, mangoes, chocolate and a bitter zing which has luckily been partially muted by the malt sweetness. The beer stands up well in my memory to Stone Runination IPA, it ain't Stone but they are cousins for sure!
The 6.5% ABV is right on to balance everything else that is going on in this beer By happy co-incidence we seem to have found a good  balance of Malt to Hop BANG to Hop bitterness. The yeast is in there but to be honest it is swamped! :) That chocolate is a real surprise to find but it sits well alongside the malt. I guess it helps that the beer has had three months to blend.

Tomorrows beer is going to be a girlish 3.5% ABV mockery of Satan's Circus named 5pm Saviour. I will update as i go, a high Mash temp on a single malt to give some residuals to the Hop Frenzy, are you liking it? :)

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