Thursday, 11 October 2012

Quad B MK4 initial impressions & Quad B MK5

Hi all,
I have a bad habit of brewing beer and then not posting any info on it. Sorry about that but its all pretty good and no real dogs! The QB4 has settled and carbonated nicely. Its not 100% clear yet (not an issue for me) and has some beautiful delicate interaction going on between the yeast and the hops. A nice sweet flavour, maybe a touch like lychees? Not at all powerful but there in a nice ratio to compliment the Chimay & Duvel Belgian flavours. Really glad its only a 40IBU beer as much higher bitterness would take away from ther overall mellow fruit thing thats going on in this beer. Nice carbonation but not excessive and holds a reasonable head for a few minutes. Also glad that it is only 4.2%, a perfectly quaffable Belgian beer that does not do what Achouffe Blonde does to me after a couple (fall down). Here it is in all its glory!

I also decided to bottle the MK 5 version which was contemptuously Brett'd last month. What a beast of a yeast that Brett C is! Dregs of a bottle and it runs the Quad B4 down from its FG of 1.010 to its own FG of 1.003.
 This final version is a shade over 5% ABV and will i'm sure be a fine beer. I hope that the Brett C is in the background and the fruit flavours remain, time will tell.

I really like the flavours that this Duvel/Chimay split throws out. I couldn't bring myself to dispose of all of the yeast from the 4 gallon brett'd batch so i have decanted the yeast and cleaned it up.There is enough to do a 10/15 gallon batch easily and it has been put aside for a future project. That project will be my first go at one stop shopping in a tube (Sacc thru to Brett) when brewing and should make for an interesting beer. I am erring towards a heavily hopped MK 6 Quad B (Got to get Bramling Cross involved in it)!

I am flying out to our Turkish apartment tomorrow night with my wife and daughter. A few of my mates out there have been on an Efes only diet over the Summer so with this in mind i am taking a few beers out with me for them to try. I look forward to their reactions and I am sure it will be interesting one way or the other! The beers range from the 4.2% QuadB MK4 thru to the magnificent 7.3% Scottish SteamPunk MkII and a couple in between. What they all have in common is that they grab your taste buds, give them a damn good shake and shout, WAKE UP!
Cheers :)
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  1. I've had both these now, really enjoyed them both.... posted pics on my Flickr