Friday, 17 August 2012

Wild Cherry Cider

Hi All,

I have recently returned from an offshore trip and had time to bottle 4 gallons of cider i made around 6 weeks ago. The basic ingredients for this batch are 4 gallon apple juice, two tins of pears, two freshly dripping vannila pods and about a kilo of cherries.

In addition to this i decided NOT to use a cider yeast but instead go for a Burton ale/Brett C split. Hoping for some sulphur and wildness in the final product.

Not many photos on this cider post or indeed too much to say, goes well with the simplicity of making it!

Leached cherries, not a shade of red left in them.

It is difficult to capture the subtle shade of colour that the cherries have given. It looks washed out in the pictures but is a reddish pink in reality.

As you can see the Brett C leaves nothing behind it.

Arty shot, Warhol look out!

So that's about it for the moment. The sample jar that we tried was super dry and into the territory of a dry white wine. There is a very nice cider flavour but we'll need a couple of weeks before trying the first bottle. Good, eh? Cider made with beer yeast and cherries for colour, why not? I enjoy my Alice in Wonderland themes for my more exotic drinks, Cheers!

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