Monday, 30 April 2012

Steam Punk IPA MkII first trial

Hi all,

I am sitting here this evening sipping the first bottle of SteamPunk IPA MKII.  Steam punk MkII is simply a four gallon batch of Steam Punk Mk I removed from the FV at 1.022 gravity and added Brett C. The beer continued to ferment down to a FG of 1.003 or thereabouts and sat there looking at me!

Don't know about you guys and your experience of Brett C but i am finding Brett C to be a tremendous tool to have in the brewers pallete. It has taken the SteamPunk Mk I (which i very much enjoy in a chewy complicated Big Ale kind of way) and massively cleaned it up. In the nose there is star anise and malt while on the tongue there is Omani lemons and they are both way brighter and clearer than in the Mk1! I am now a true believer in Brett C and will be unleashing a fresh culture on a part of The Ripper IPA before departing offshore.

Strange thing this brewing lark eh? One day you can be making a bog standard (mostly) Summer type beer with a tip of the hat towards Deuchars IPA and the next day you find yourself sampling a not fully carb'd off the map weird beer that doesn't exist anywhere else. In this particular case it tastes nothing like its 7.3% ABV so to my mind it qualifies as a Stealth Weird Wild Beer (try saying that after a few of them). I look forward to trying this again towards the end of  June once its fully carb'd and blended in the bottle. Have i said before? What a hobby! :)

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