Friday, 4 November 2011

Quad B Mk I bottled with MkII & MkIII progressing nicely

Hi all,
Well that was rather quick wasn't it? The 6 gallon of the original 16 gallon batch of base beer finished out 2 days ago at a nice 1.010FG. I was deliberate in a lower fermentation temperature on this batch(16 degrees). The reason for this lowish temperature harks back to a beer i brewed last year on the same yeast combo. I let that batch run all the way up to 24 degrees. Sadly this was too high and the Duvel/Chimay split threw off a load of Phenols, they took a LONG time to blend into the beer.

In this case a 16 degree ferment has left the beer with a nice slight banana ester and no sign of the phenols. I am also smelling a pleasant citrus touch from the hops and general Belgianness. Admittedly its very early days but its looking good!

I set the carbonation levels to give a 2.7 carb volume on this beer. I used my usual application method of a 10ml syringe-full of sucrose/water for each bottle and off we went. I am particulary enjoying the look of the Ex-Efes bottles that i bring back from Turkey on our return from the apartment.

My darling wife still maintains that i am 'off my head' to even think about doing this. Admittedly the carbon footprint of flying a couple of dozen beer bottles back from Turkey to Scotland in our suitcases is high but as the suitcases are mostly empty (still working on the apartment) for our return leg i thought 'why not'?

Please judge for yourself on the finished article. A pleasant ratio between the bottle size/shape and the label size? Or am I as my wife maintains on the slippery slope?

I like this label, nice and basic.

Gratuitous 'Happy days' overview

The other two batches have in a Hary potter style been banished to the cupboard under the stairs for the duration of their fermentation. Just as well as the 4 gallon fig batch is throwing off massive amounts of sulphur at the moment!

As you can see most of the fig mush has risen to the surface. The airlock is still firing like its life depended on it! This fermenter has a daily swirl to keep everything mixed. Once airlock activity drops off and the Brett C takes over i will leave it to its own devices.

The base beer batch which has Brett C intorduced to it has finished fermenting on the Duvel/Chimay and is now settling down to Brett C production. I am keeping an eye on it for a Pectine layer. Some slight pineapple aroma off of the airlock but its kind of masked by the Sulphur from the 4 gallon bad boy!

My wife has bought me a brewery mascot! I have decided to name him Albert. Not sure why but i think it suits him. :)

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